Our Design Policy

At Network Computer Systems we take pride in providing sites that reflect the character of our client. Remember your web site might be the first impression of your business so you want it to be the best. We will scope out the details and determine what type of design, programming, function, etc., is best suited for the particular solution to your web development needs.

Our strongest asset is the diversity of our designs:

Three Questions you may want to ask yourself before you get started so you'll be confident you're making the right choice!

what will set your business or home site apart from the millions of others that are currently on the Internet?

By now you've surfed the net and checked out what others are doing. You have an idea of what catches your eye. You know what sites are coming up in the "top 20" of the search engines. If you don't, then you should spend some surfing so you know where you want to head with your own site. Check out the "competition".

Second, what is the benefit of having a site on the Internet as compared to distributing the traditional brochure?

Evaluate the cost of printing, postage, address lists and manpower. After all of that, you may get a 2% response from your mailing. If you were to take the identical information from that brochure and put it on the Internet, for a fraction of the cost you get global exposure for no additional cost. All you have to do is follow up on the e-mail responses you receive directly from your site.

Thirdly, why should you hire someone else to design your site when there are free programs with an easy WYSIWYG user interface and tons of free graphics online to use?

After buying that user interface, spending hours and hours figuring out how to use it only to find out you still have to figure out how to manipulate graphics, forms, server etc., is it really worth it to try and do it yourself? How much will it really cost you to do it yourself.

What does it cost?

Simply stated, we offer one of the best rates available and your quote is free. We also provide an array of Standard packages for you to chose from. We also welcome the opportunity to match any competitors' price.

How long does it take?

Time is money and the longer your business has to wait to establish a presence on the Internet the more money you lose. While other companies are busy securing as many clients as possible and delaying the completion of your project, Network Computer Systems has a flexible staff. We have "on-call" designers available so that we can provide you with fast and friendly service. We can also train specific personnel and help you and your staff support ongoing web solutions.

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